Controlling Construction Equipment Owning and Operating Costs

//Controlling Construction Equipment Owning and Operating Costs

Controlling Construction Equipment Owning and Operating Costs


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Equipment and engine technology is becoming more advanced. Competition is as fierce as ever, and getting the job can come down to how efficient you can be with your equipment fleet.  Controlling and lowering operating costs as they relate to your equipment is one way to bid more aggressively, and this webinar will go over key practices to make this a reality.

Topics discussed will include:

Best Maintenance Practices: Does it make more sense for a contractor to handle regular maintenance functions, or do planned maintenance contracts and other dealer-service collaborations help keep costs down and allow the contractor to focus its resources on productivity?

Buy, Rent or Lease: What makes the most sense in terms of equipment availability, carrying costs and utilization/function?

The Connected Fleet: For fleets large and small, telematics and machine control technology provide significant operational benefits that help lower operating costs. Telematics provides significant benefits related to efficiency (reduced idling), productivity (monitoring utilization and hours), maintenance (more intelligent scheduling of downtime/alerts to maintenance situations) and security (geofences/monitoring unauthorized use or theft). Machine control helps complete work faster and with much greater accuracy – all assisting in lowering operating costs.

Presented By:

Brad Stemper
Solutions Marketing Manager
CASE Construction